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Training on the new financial perspective. The trainer has just mentioned the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development. In a nutshell: POWER. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But where is this ‘power’? In practical terms, what matters are indicators, the PESEL number and the number of hours spent on trainings, and not the fact whether the projects carried out are meaningful or not.Not many people are actually interested if those projects will help anyone. Or whether they will actually change anything.

I quote my PESEL number to the organiser and the number of hours that he will put in the column ‘Completion stage of the process objectives’. Before I take a French leave, I write a foreword for Diversity Hub blog.


Space for open minds

Diversity Hub is a retreat from indicators, boxes, rows and columns. What counts here is equality and individualism. A human being is in the centre. It is the space for wise people, it is a paradise for those with open minds, respect in hearts and understanding for diversity. It is the place for people who want to learn from others, share their knowledge and experience and jointly develop themselves and their businesses.

We created the space, which thanks to the rule ‘I give and benefit’ is loaded with positive energy to joint work. Ahead of us there is a great development adventure, interesting and valuable projects, new inspirations. I want to be here and you are all very welcome to join me. Together we can achieve more!


Find out how to wisely manage diversity

Diversity pays off, and diversity management brings many business benefits. It is an old line, but not everybody knows it.  Diversity Hub was created in order to popularise this idea. And in order to illustrate how to wisely profit from diversity. That is why we raise important and necessary topics. We bring the, so far, theoretical discussion on various dimensions of diversity to the very practical ground.

We combine two worlds: the world of knowledge and the world of practice. We jointly create solutions which directly meet the needs of our customers. We openly talk about real requirements of the market, solutions which are adequate to them, but also about problems that we encounter in the course of implementation. We share experience and boast about good practices.We retreat from the model of talking heads–we want to give an adequate sense to things, paraphrasing our ‘fourth poet’ Cyprian Kamil Norwid.

On May 13th we started the cycle of meetings characterised by a non-standard approach and interesting subject matter. The participants themselves create the last aspect.According to their suggestions, the following meetings will be dedicated to: age at organisations, cultural differences, disability, work/life balance.

OnDiversityHub blog our experts will take you through all the intricacies of diversity management in all its possible dimensions. They will do it in a nice and comprehensible, but substantive way. Meet us at events and read our blog. Like and share. Then, our activities will definitely have POWER!

Please feel invited to the common adventure with diversity,

Anna Zaroda – Dąbrowska

PS.I intentionally mentioned the European Union training since I realised that it is worth doing things which bring satisfaction and are meaningful.


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